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International League T20 2024 Schedule, Fixture, Teams, Venue

The International League T20 2024 schedule, international league tickets, and T20 International League 2024 venue are all aspects about which you can get the entire information from this article. International League T20 2024 is going to start on the 19th of January, 2024. So, we are around the corner and are very excited about this tournament. All the teams will be performing well with full zeal and strength to get to the finals.

Here Is the T20 International League 2024 schedule detail. From this site, you will get the complete list of all the matches of the T20 International League 2024 that will be played this year. There will be huge excitement and thrill this year by the fans worldwide. All the cricket fans are desperate for this big match.

Tournament Name International League T20 (ILT20)
Managed By Emirates Cricket Board
Starting Date January 19, 2024
Host UAE
League Format T20 Format, Round Robbins,
Venues Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Dubai International Stadium, Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium
Teams 6
Total Matches 34
Final February 17, 2023

All the teams are on the ground with high strength and aim to win the trophy. With high momentum, all the teams will perform and give their best in all the matches. The first match is important and increases the morale of the winning team. The T20 International League 2024 is going to be played in the United Arab Emirates this time so all the stadiums are in UAE.

International League T20 2024 Schedule, Fixture, Teams, Venue

International League T20 2024 Schedule Announced:

The International League T20 Schedule is announced by ICC. ICC has announced the International League T20 schedule with all the squads and venues. All the dates have been finalized for the matches between the 6 teams of the world. It has been confirmed that 34 matches will be played both in the daytime and the night.

All the team squads have been announced and are ready to play the International League T20 2024 matches. You will get the complete details of the venue, time, and date of the T20 International League 2024 matches.

Match Time Date Stadium
Sharjah Warriors vs Gulf Giants 6:30 PM Friday, 19 January Sharjah
Dubai Capitals vs MI Emirates 6:30 PM Saturday, 20 January Dubai
Desert Vipers vs Abu Dhabi Night Riders 2:30 PM Sunday, 21 January Dubai
MI Emirates vs Gulf Giants 6:30 PM Sunday, 21 January Abu Dhabi
Dubai Capitals vs Sharjah Warriors 6:30 PM Monday, 22 January Dubai
Abu Dhabi Night Riders vs MI Emirates 6:30 PM Tuesday, 23 January Abu Dhabi
Gulf Giants vs Desert Vipers 6:30 PM Wednesday, 24 January Dubai
Dubai Capitals vs Abu Dhabi Night Riders 6:30 PM Thursday, 25 January Dubai
Sharjah Warriors vs MI Emirates 6:30 PM Friday, 26 January Sharjah
Abu Dhabi Night Riders vs Desert Vipers 2:30 PM Saturday, 27 January Abu Dhabi
Gulf Giants vs Dubai Capitals 6:30 PM Saturday, 27 January Sharjah
MI Emirates vs Abu Dhabi Night Riders 2:30 PM Sunday, 28 January Abu Dhabi
Desert Vipers vs Sharjah Warriors 6:30 PM Sunday, 28 January Sharjah
Sharjah Warriors vs Dubai Capitals 6:30 PM Monday, 29 January Sharjah
Desert Vipers vs MI Emirates 6:30 PM Tuesday, 30 January Dubai
Abu Dhabi Night Riders vs Gulf Giants 6:30 PM Wednesday, 31 January Abu Dhabi
Dubai Capitals vs Desert Vipers 6:30 PM Thursday, 1 February Dubai
MI Emirates vs Sharjah Warriors 6:30 PM Friday, 2 February Abu Dhabi
Desert Vipers vs Gulf Giants 2:30 PM Saturday, 3 February Dubai
Abu Dhabi Night Riders vs Dubai Capitals 6:30 PM Saturday, 3 February Abu Dhabi
MI Emirates vs Desert Vipers 2:30 PM Sunday, 4 February Abu Dhabi
Gulf Giants vs Sharjah Warriors 6:30 PM Sunday, 4 February Dubai
Sharjah Warriors vs Abu Dhabi Night Riders 6:30 PM Monday, 5 February Sharjah
Dubai Capitals vs Gulf Giants 6:30 PM Tuesday, 6 February Dubai
Abu Dhabi Night Riders vs Sharjah Warriors 6:30 PM Wednesday, 7 February Abu Dhabi
Gulf Giants vs MI Emirates 6:30 PM Thursday, 8 February Dubai
Desert Vipers vs Dubai Capitals 6:30 PM Friday, 9 February Dubai
Gulf Giants vs Abu Dhabi Night Riders 2:30 PM Saturday, 10 February Dubai
MI Emirates vs Dubai Capitals 6:30 PM Saturday, 10 February Abu Dhabi
Sharjah Warriors vs Desert Vipers 6:30 PM Sunday, 11 February Sharjah
Qualifier 1 (TBC1 vs TBC2 ) 6:30 PM Tuesday, 13 February Dubai
Eliminator (TBC1 vs TBC2) 6:30 PM Wednesday, 14 February Abu Dhabi
Qualifier 2 (TBC1 vs TBC2) 6:30 PM Tuesday, 15 February Sharjah
Final 6:30 PM Saturday, 17 February Dubai

T20 International League 2024 Venues:

All the T20 International League 2024 matches will be played in UAE. As UAE is hosting this amazing tournament, 3 venues have been decided for the T20 International League 2024 season.

Sharjah Cricket Stadium:

Sharjah Cricket Stadium is located in Sharjah. It has a total capacity of holding 16,000 people. It was opened in 1982 and comprises two ends. These ends are named Pavilion End and Sharjah Club End.

Dubai International Cricket Stadium:

Dubai International Cricket Stadium is located in Dubai. It holds 25,000 people in the stadium. This stadium is also known as Dubai Sports City Cricket Stadium. It comprises two ends known as Dubai Sports City End and Emirates Road End.

Sheikh Zayed Stadium:

Sheikh Zayed Stadium is located in Abu Dhabi. It holds a total of 20,000 people. It was opened in 2004 and is also known as His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Stadium.

All of these venues are spacious and in the vicinity of the UAE. They are best to watch the T20 International League 2024 matches. There is no restriction on crowd appearance in these stadiums.

International League T20 2024 Teams List:

The International League T20 will comprise two rounds. The First will be the double round robin and the second will be the playoffs. Following are the names of the teams that are qualified for the International League 2024. While other teams will be decided after the matches played between them.

  1. Sharjah Warriors
  2. Gulf Giants
  3. Dubai Capitals
  4. MI Emirates
  5. Desert Vipers
  6. Abu Dhabi Knight Riders

These teams are top-ranked according to the International Cricket Council. They have already qualified for the international league T20 2024 matches. The teams that are qualified for group-stage matches are the following. All these teams are amazing and have a good cricket history record.

These cricket teams will be providing their best in the upcoming international league 2024. You can also learn about the T20 International League 2024 team-wise schedule from our page. Here the complete and updated schedule will be uploaded and a points table will also be updated regularly.

T20 International League 2024 Points Table:

This points table is useful in depicting the teams coming into playoffs. Because the top four teams according to the points table will be playing the playoffs each year. Team standings are also decided on the number of points each team has.

We keep on updating the points table with all the latest updates of the ongoing matches. This T20 International League 2024 points table tells the viewers about the team’s standing and the position of the matches.

It will help you get information about your favorite team matches and venues. It will be feasible for those people who want to go to the stadium and watch the matches. So have a look at all the provided information of T20 International League 2024 matches.


Get to know all the details regarding the International League T20 2024 schedule. It will be exciting to watch all the matches with fun and enthusiasm. All three venues are decided along with the team squads. You can get all the required information regarding the upcoming international league 2024 in January.

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