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Best Ways to Enjoy Sports Activities in Minneapolis This Summer

Whether you want to plan a weekend fun night or prefer to go outside the beach in Minneapolis, there are a lot of ways through which you can enjoy your summertime. You can embrace the warm feel of Minneapolis in the summer season. However, compared to other countries, the people of Minneapolis enjoy their summertime in a unique way. Most of them plan to visit Minnesota but always prefer to choose apartments for rent in Minneapolis. The reason is that the city offers plenty of plans to enjoy sports activities. 

Whether you like the thrill of disc golf or playing golf on the seaside, Minneapolis offers a range of fun experiences. It’s a time to grab your gear, come along with your friends, and choose the exciting sports activities to bring a new adventure to Minnesota.

How to Enjoy a 2023 Summer in Minneapolis?

Can you imagine something better than enjoying a summer in Minnesota? Obviously not! The warm weather of Minneapolis and the cool lakes give you an amazing experience to enjoy your summertime. However, there are a lot of fun sports activities that you can perform to make this season’s summertime memorable. 

Most people who are coming out of quarantine days want to enjoy their vacations with friends and family. Therefore, they are more eager to get the most out of summer. Therefore, the local craft brews and multiple activities in the Lakes and Pantones are serving as the best guide for people to enjoy the summertime in Minnesota.

5 Fun Sports Activities to Do in Minneapolis in the Summer

The summer lasts in Minnesota for a very short period. Minnesota is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes. This speaks volumes about how people love to enjoy the sunny weather around the beach. Most people like to indulge in watersports galore in active areas. The list goes long when it comes to talking about the activities that you can enjoy on the beach side in summer. 

Minnesota offers you a wide range of activities. In this article, we’re going to talk about the five most loved activities to enjoy in the summer months. In Minnesota, if you are a sports enthusiast, you will love the outdoor recreation for visitors. 

Canoeing and Kayaking

Since Minnesota has a wide number of lakes and rivers, it is impossible to ignore the fact that you may enjoy multiple opportunities. The same goes for canoeing and kayaking, where you get to enjoy the waterways and scenic lakes. You can parcel down to the scenic Mississippi River, which provides you with the best nature.


There are a lot of biking trails available in Minnesota. All kinds of people with different skill levels can try this sports activity. There are many other options to explore. You can start off-road trails in scenic parks and paved trails in urban areas. The Lake Minnetonka Regional Trail, the famous Root River Trail, and the Paul Bunyan State Trail are just a few of the routes that cyclists can try out with their friends.

Disc Golf

Minnesota has several well-designed disc golf courses and sports activities. The sport has become increasingly popular there. Take a Frisbee and some friends and set out to play disc golf on one of the many courses. It’s a fun and engaging outdoor activity for everyone. 


Golf lovers can take advantage of this exciting sports activity. There is a wide selection, ranging from public courses to championship courses in Minnesota. You are able to find a course that is appropriate for your level of skill. You can even enjoy a day on the greens, whether you are an experienced golfer or a beginner—with the added convenience of a lightweight premium bag to carry your essentials effortlessly.

Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is usually organized on the size of the lakeshores and beaches of Minnesota. Set up a net on the sandy beaches of Lake Minnetonka, Lake Calhoun, or any other popular lake with a group of friends. Playing this best sport allows you to take in the sun and engage in friendly competition.

Why Plan Outdoor Sports Activities in Minnesota?

Boosts Mood:

When you are more exposed to the sun, you’re likely to produce serotonin increases. This leads toward the bodily produced chemicals that activate your optimism, sleep, digestion, and other healthy activities. So it is safe to say that when you spend more time outside in the sun rather than looking at your screen, you will be more active and healthy.

Improves Physical and Mental Health:

Without a doubt, spending your time without side activities produces a long-term effect on your health. You will be more active. Not only this, but you are also experiencing more time in nature, which produces a positive impact on your psychological ability. People claim that they have started feeling better while spending outside time. It helps them to invest in themselves and encourage other people to indulge in fun outdoor activities. 

Reduces Stress:

You have a goal to maintain and reduce your stress. The Outdoors will help you to enable your body and entertain regular melatonin. It is a key factor in decreasing your stress. It means that getting your team outside work and indulging in fun sports will help you to reduce overall stress levels.


If there was a method to improve team building exercises, would you do it? In fact, there are a lot of options out there for you. We have listed out amazing sports activities that you can perform in Minneapolis this season. One of the finest ways to involve your team and promote togetherness is to plan enjoyable outdoor sports activities. You can even enjoy playing sports on the best sports streaming sites. In our blog post, we provide suggestions for sporting events and guide you through the planning process for your next occasion! 

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