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Asia Cup Tickets 2023: How to Purchase Asia Cup 2023 Tickets?

Here is the detail of Asia Cup Tickets 2023: How to Purchase Asia Cup 2023 Tickets? If any cricket fan is searching for information regarding Asia Cup 2023 tickets, then they are at the right place. Here all the cricket fans will get the complete guidelines and details for buying tickets for Asia Cup 2023. The ticket pricing for Asia Cup season 2023 will be discussed below.

Here cricket fans can get to know about the price and categories of different Asia Cup tickets. The Asian Cricket Council has announced the full schedule and venues to attend the Asia Cup matches this year. So everyone is in a hurry to buy tickets for Asia Cup 2023 matches. So before that, you can get complete detail regarding the Asia Cup ticket pricing below.

Asia Cup Tickets 2023 How to Purchase Asia Cup 2023 Tickets

Asia Cup Tickets 2023 Online Booking:

A lot of people try to book online tickets for Asia Cup every season. In this modern era, Asia Cup tickets are mostly sold online and people prefer this mode as well. Before the start of each Asia Cup match, a huge amount of cricket fans book Asia Cup 2023 tickets online and offline. Buying Asia Cup tickets online is a good way to save time and reserve seats. Cricket fans can also buy tickets from ticket counters in the stadium manually.

The Asia Cup tickets will be available online on various sites including PlatinumList, Insider .in, EventsNow, etc. The Asia Cup ticket prices are decided based on seats and the stadium in which the match is going to be played. All the ticket prices are not the same due to the location and capacity of the stadiums.

How to Purchase Asia Cup 2023 Tickets Online?

There is a complete procedure to follow for buying the Asia Cup tickets for 2023. It is a very easy process that should be followed by every cricket fan. Those who want to buy these tickets online. Other cricket fans can easily buy tickets directly from the stadium in which they want to watch the match of the Asia Cup. For purchasing these tickets online you have to follow the following steps. All these steps are simple and must be followed attentively.

Step-by-Step Procedure:

  1. First, you have to go to the website of Platinum List.
  2. After navigating into this website the user has to log in if they have a previous account. Or they have to register if they don’t have an account through their email.
  3. The next step is to enter the phone number with your country code.
  4. After this step, the user will be signed up and log in to the website home page.
  5. Here you will find different categories in which you have to select the Top Event category.
  6. After searching for the top event category and clicking on it you will see a drop-down menu of different matches and stadiums.
  7. From here the user has to select the stadium of which they have to buy the tickets.
  8. After selection of stadium, you have to click on the buy tickets button.
  9. This will be a green button that will be clicked after reading the terms and conditions.
  10. The next step is to select the match you want to watch and the seat position.
  11. After that, you have to choose the payment method and then pay online. After proceeding with the payment you have to download your ticket. It will be bought and will be available to you in a PDF file.
  12. Then you have to take its printout and take it to the stadium at the time of the match.

This complete process is to be followed by every cricket fan who wants to watch the matches directly from the stadium. Other people who can’t watch the matches from the stadium can view the matches on different Asia Cup 2023 live-streaming channels.

Asia Cup 2023 Tickets Requirements:

There are specific age requirements for buying tickets for the Asia Cup 2023 from stadiums in Pakistan and Sri Lanka. People of every age can go and watch the match with full fun and energy. But there are different charges for the tickets for adults and children. Following is the complete detail of the tickets for children and adults.

  • The ticket for adults is available at dollar 15 approximately. These tickets are available for qualifier rounds and super 4-round matches.
  • The tickets for children between the ages of 2 and 16 are less than dollars 15. These tickets are for the first round and Super 4 matches for the children.

So there are different pricing details for Asia Cup tickets for the public. All the people are excited to watch the matches of their favorite teams from all over the world in the different venues of the Asia Cup 2023. You can visit the stadiums to watch the matches of the Asia Cup 2023.


The Asia Cup 2023 tickets are easy to buy and book online as well. They can easily be bought directly from the stadiums and also from online websites. This will be a great tournament and the cricket fans will surely enjoy it in different venues of Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

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