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Arshdeep Singh Net Worth, Bio, Cricket Career Stats, Age, Height

Here are the details of Arshdeep Singh Net Worth, Bio, Cricket Career stats, Age, Height, and much more. Arshdeep Singh is one of the best domestic, national, and now international players of the Indian cricket team. He has played very amazingly in all the IPL matches in the previous season. His net worth is about dollar 1.32 million. This is a good amount of money that is earned by this emerging player. Arshdeep Singh also gets a salary from IPL that is rupees 4 crores as of 2023. He is one of the most dedicated and consistent players of cricket in the Indian National team.

Now he is earning from different sources as well. He has many followers on his social media profile. Also, he has endorsed many brands. So from these different sources, he earns a good amount of money to live a very luxurious life. Arshdeep Singh is also included in the team squad of the Indian National team for many series and tournaments now. This is all due to his hard work and continuous practice to give the best results.

Arshdeep Singh Net Worth, Bio, Cricket Career Stats, Age, Height

Arshdeep Singh Net Worth:

Here we will be discussing the net worth of Arshdeep Singh and all his income sources. He is a very professional cricketer and plays dedicatedly for the Indian cricket team. Arshdeep Singh’s net worth is estimated to be dollar 1.32 million. He earns an annual salary of more than Rs.2.4 – 4.44 crores. Arshdeep Singh’s net worth is ranging from 1 to 3 million dollars. He also earns a huge amount of money from the Indian Premier League.

From IPL, he gets a salary of 4 crores. Arshdeep Singh’s net worth is very high and he is considered one of the most expensive and best-emerging players in the world. He is included in the A category of the players. Arshdeep Singh has numerous income sources through which he earns his living.

He is among the top 30 Indian cricketers due to his outstanding performance. Arshdeep Singh has a net worth of 1.32 million dollars after nine seasons. Aside from that, he earns money through endorsements and other means. Arshdeep Singh’s net worth is much more and is increasing continuously because of his consistent efforts.

Arshdeep Singh Career Details

He possesses an amazing and professional career. He has been playing many T20 formats, ODI formats, and test cricket matches. Arshdeep Singh is an amazing international cricketer. He has led the team in many matches and got the victory in most of them. Here you will be provided with the international career details of Arshdeep Singh. You will also get information regarding the One Day International career details of Arshdeep Singh.

T20 Matches Details:

He has been playing the national T20 matches from 2019 till now. He has played a total of 91 test matches for the Indian cricket team. Arshdeep Singh has scored a total of 31 runs and his batting average is 7.8. He has taken 114 wickets in his T20 matches. Arshdeep Singh’s strike rate is 66.0 in his test career.

One-Day International Matches:

Arshdeep Singh has played a total of 3 ODI matches up till now. He has been playing ODI matches from 2022 till now. He has scored 9 runs total in all his matches. Arshdeep Singh is a very talented ODI format match player. He has a batting average of 9.0 and is a very dedicated player. His strike rate is 100.0.

T20 International Format Matches Details:

He has played a total of 26 T20 International format matches. Out of these, he has made 6 runs and has taken 41 wickets. He is also an amazing bowler. His bowling average in the t20 International matches career is 8.39. His strike rate is 60.0.

Arshdeep Singh IPL Career Details:

Arshdeep Singh is an emerging International cricketer. He plays for the Indian team. But he also plays for the Indian Premier League. He has much demand in IPL and is a highly-cricketer in the Indian Premier League. Every team in IPL wants to take Arshdeep Singh in their team. He has been playing IPL from 2019 till now. He has played 51 matches in IPL and takes 57 wickets in his IPL career. His economy rate in his IPL career is 8.7 and he possesses an average of 27.1 in his IPL career.

Social Media Followers

Arshdeep Singh Instagram Followers:

Arshdeep Singh has a great fan following on Instagram. He posts different types of videos and images. These posts are about cricket, lifestyle, daily chores, and other general information. He has 990K followers on Instagram. Arshdeep Singh is a very well-known personality in the world. His followers admire him a lot. He plays amazingly for the IPL also.

Arshdeep Singh Twitter Followers:

He has made his account on various social media platforms. So on Twitter, there are 990K followers of Arshdeep Singh. Arshdeep Singh’s Twitter followers love him a lot. They also do many tweets. He is a very well-known cricketer and is known for his best performances in cricket matches. He is admired a lot by cricket fans, especially the Indian cricket fans.


Arshdeep Singh is an outstanding emerging player from the Indian side. His net worth keeps on increasing because of his continuous performance and outstanding practice that he does daily. Arshdeep Singh has got many followers in a very less time. This is because of his nice personality, gesture, and his performance. His batting and bowling skills are outstanding. He is one of the best all-rounders of the Indian National Cricket Team. It is expected that he will be selected for more tournaments and series of the Indian team with other competing teams of the world in the future.

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