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Ardie Savea Net Worth, Age, Rugby Player, Zodic Sign, Family

Here is the detail of Ardie Savea Net Worth, Age, Rugby Player, Zodic Sign, and Family. Ardie Savea is a very famous and popular rugby union player. He is one of the most successful rugby union players of all time. Hey, the skills are amazing and he has many fantastic skills in the rugby game. Ardie Savea is a very well-known rugby player and he is also known as a legendary rugby player. He’s also very famous in popular and his fame and popularity is in the whole world not only in his own country.

He has a very much friendly and he made a very huge fan base of him by his outstanding performances in every game and his fantastic skills also. Ardie Savea always gives magical performances on the ground that makes the fans more excited and brings into the assuming the audience. He has been a very successful Rugby player. No one can be compared to him because he’s a legendary rugby player whose skills are just stunning.

Ardie Savea Net Worth, Age, Rugby Player, Zodic Sign, Family

Date of Birth October 14, 1993
Place of Birth New Zealand
Country New Zealand
Profession Rugby Player
Age 29 years
Zodiac Sign Libra

Ardie Savea Net Worth:

Ardie Savea also has a very high amount of net worth. The net worth of Ardie Savea is very high in the amount of money as he is a very well-known and popular rugby player. He is one of the most successful and still full rugby players so it is confirmed that he earns a lot of money as his net worth. His net worth is very high in the amount of money which is made by him because of his greatest skills and efforts in the game.

Currently, he is earning a total of $4 million US dollars as his net worth. This net worth of Ardie Savea is as of 2023. This huge net worth of him is made by him because of his continuous efforts and consistent hard work. The income source of Ardie Savea is rugby games. But he also earns money in his net worth from various sources. The money of his net worth comes to him also from different brand endorsements and from different advertisements in which he works.

But the immediate amount of money off his net worth comes from his rugby career. Currently, he is living a very luxurious life as he is one of the richest rugby players in New Zealand. Ardie Savea has done a lot of hard work to make his net worth very high in the amount of money because it requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and continuous efforts. He did all these things to achieve his goal and he is now a well-known now player.

Ardie Savea Early Life:

Ardie Savea was born on October 14 in the year 1993 and his birthday is his New Zealand. He is also one of the finest rugby players produced by New Zealand. His age is currently 29 years. His profession is rugby player and his horoscope is Libra. He joined the national New Zealand sevens team in 2012. Ardie Savea began his career with Wellington and at that time he was the teammate of Lima Sopoaga. He is also one of the richest rugby players born in New Zealand. He’s also the most popular rugby player in the whole world.


Ardie Savea has been very successful in his career. He is a very successful rugby player who represented New Zealand at the international level. Ardie Savea was also one of the highest try scorers in the super rugby season of 2017. He has given so many brilliant performances for his teams. He played 12 tests for his team.

Ardie Savea Marriage:

Ardie Savea is currently married. He is married but has no children till now. The spouse of Ardie Savea is Saskia Hartmann-Hechenberger. He is currently living a very fancy and luxurious life with his wife.

Physical Appearance:

Ardie Savea is not only famous because of his magical skills in the game but his physical appearance and personality are very amazing and it is also the main factor of his popularity and fame. His physical appearance is very amazing. He is a very charming and attractive personality and is also a very popular rugby player. He is a very beautiful person who possesses a slim figure with a charming personality.

His height is 6 feet 2 inches which looks great on him and is also an essential height for rugby games. His weight is a total of 94 kg. The other details about him are currently not revealed on the internet but everyone knows that he is very charming and attractive.

Ardie Savea Instagram:

Ardie Savea is not only famous on the television screen but he is also very popular on famous and different social media accounts. He is currently very active on his Instagram account which is made by him several years ago. Instagram account is very famous and popular in the whole world and is verified also. He has posted a lot of posts on his Instagram account as he loves to post on his Instagram account.

Ardie Savea loves to post his pictures on his Instagram account and the fans who watch him on the ground also follow him on his Instagram account. The fans also love to see him on his Instagram account as he has so many followers. He has a total of 347K followers on his Instagram account. A total of 1313 posts are there on his Instagram account. All these posts are of Ardie Savea himself or of the game of rugby.


Ardie Savea is a professional rugby player. His main source of income is his rugby career. Rather there are other earning sources as well for him. Ardie Savea has a net worth of 4 million US dollars. It is a good amount to live a modest and comfortable life.

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