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Abu Dhabi Cricket Stadium Venue for ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021

World Cup 2021 is approaching within few months. It is going to start on October 17 and will end on November 14 as decided by the International Cricket Council. This year the ICC men’s T20 World Cup 2021 will be a source of great fun for all cricket lovers all around the globe. ICC has decided the venue of T20 World Cup 2021 to be held in UAE this year after the worst condition of covid-19 in India.

The remaining IPL matches that were to be played in India will also be played in UAE. The super 12 World Cup matches will be played in three stadiums of UAE including Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. Sheikh Zayed cricket stadium is located in Abu Dhabi. It is very wide and relaxing for the players and audience. A huge number of people can occupy this stadium. The pitch and fielding area of the ground is very plain and leveled.

Abu Dhabi Cricket Stadium to Host T20 World Cup 2021:

Sheikh Zayed cricket stadium is located in Abu Dhabi UAE. It was opened to the general public in 2004 and it costs 23 dollars to build this stadium. It will be one of the amazing venues for the T20 World Cup 2021. Abu Dhabi cricket Stadium has a large stand capacity to store many people. Beautifully designed grass banks are there for additional seating of people. It is very spacious and can occupy 20,000 people at a single time. Emirates Cricket Board is the name of the owner of this stadium.

Many football matches, domestic, national, and international matches are played here. It is a multi-use stadium where many kinds of tournaments are played. This stadium has a huge accommodation and many facilities for the audience as well as for the players. The stadium is flooded with many lights and is one of the best venues for the world cup this year. The first-ever match played in the stadium after its opening was between Scotland and Kenya in the Intercontinental Cup. It is located in a remote area of Abu Dhabi. There are many changing rooms for the players in this stadium.

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