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Goal hunters: The best scorers of EFL League One


The EFL League One is one of the most popular leagues to watch, and it has gained a huge following thanks to the success of the teams playing for a chance to get to the Championship. There are also a lot of scorers who have gone to set records in the league.

A lot of players have come and gone in proving their worth when it comes to scoring goals for their teams. That has been the norm in League One since it shows how much effort players give just to get a big win and help their clubs move up to the next level.

Those who are even betting on England football outrights know that these elite scorers in the EFL League One have done a great job to show why they deserve a lot of praise in their games in the season. That also proves why the association has been on a roll in terms of exciting games, intense matches and high scores.

The League One season is known to be one of the most rewarding scenes in English football since a lot of players have to prove their worth and lead their team to a much bigger promise – promotion. That is what makes League One more of a high-stakes game since desperation often follows much of the teams who fail to notch the big wins.

Here are the top scorers of EFL League One:

Jordan Rhodes

Rhodes holds the highest record for scoring in the EFL League One. The star scored a total of 36 goals in the 2011-12 season where he led Huddersfield Town to stay alive in the league. So far, his record remains untouched for a whole decade, which only proves how hard it is to score that high in the league.

The success that Rhodes had made him a top talent after that. He was transferred to Blackburn Rovers in the following year and soon played for Middlesbrough, Sheffield Wednesday and Norwich City before making his way back to Huddersfield.

Jonson Clarke-Harris

Clarke-Harris holds the second best record in League One scoring with 31 goals. His strides in the 2020-21 season proved that he can be the main scoring option for Peterborough United – which saw him lead the way for a finish in the second place.

The striker also scored big in PU’s 7-0 thrashing of Accrington Stanley last March 2021. Peterborough finished with a 26-9-11 record in the season and was promoted to the Championship.

Billy Sharp

Billy Sharp is the only player in League One who has won the scoring title three times in his career. Sharp first scored a total of 23 goals in his 2005-06 run with the Scunthorpe United, but failed to lead them towards promotion as the team struggled to get the big wins down the stretch.

Sharp then followed that up with a total of 30 goals in the 2006-07 season, and yet still failed to push the team towards promotion. He soon found his way to Sheffield United in the 2016-17 season where he then scored a total of 30 goals once more. 

Rickie Lambert

After Billy Sharp’s back to back feats in 2005-07, Lambert soon found himself on similar ground as he first scored 29 goals for the Bristol Rovers. He did not have enough chances to secure promotion down the stretch and was traded to Southampton in the following run.

Lambert then scored 30 points for the Saints. However, the club fell short of making it to the play-offs by the end of the season as they only had 73 points – seven points short of tying the sixth seed.

The success of these scorers in League One made it clear that a lot of players have what it takes to beat the odds and step up their play to the next level. This is why there are many England football outrights even up to this moment. 

EFL League One continues to thrive at this point, and it has been one of the best associations to watch in England thanks to their scoring galores. This proves the shining standard of many elite players as well.

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