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Who is the Duck King in the IPL History? List of Most Ducks in IPL

Talking about the duck king in the IPL history 2008-2024, Dinesh Kartik is the leading player in IPL history who has got the most ducks. He has been playing IPL since 2008 and is currently selected in the IPL 2024 draft as well. A total of 16 seasons have been played by him till now, and he has been dismissed 17 times without making any runs. Although he had a good score that he has made in his IPL career as a batsman, there are many ducks as well that are associated with him.

For this reason, he is known as the duck king in IPL history. Following you will get to know about the complete details of his IPL career as a batsman and how many times he has been dismissed for zero runs.

Who is the Duck King in the IPL History List of Most Ducks in IPL

Who is the Duck King in the IPL History? 

Dinesh Kartik has played for various IPL teams including

  • Kolkata Knight Riders
  • Mumbai Indians
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore
  • Gujarat Titans
  • Delhi Capitals
  • Kings XI Punjab

He has played for all these teams in his 16-year career in IPL. While playing the matches for all those teams, a total of 17 times he has been ducked by various international players. In the IPL season 2022, he scored brilliant runs, but then in the next year, IPL 2023, he could not meet the expectations of his fans and his team.

He was not able to score many runs and was also ducked many times in the IPL season 2023. But now in the IPL 2024, it is expected that he will perform well because he is now ready with complete practice and determination. This is the time for him to prove that he will be a major player for the victory of the team in which he will be playing the IPL matches this year.

Dinesh Kartik IPL Career:

Talking about the IPL career of Dinesh Kartik as a batsman, he has played many matches since 2008. He is a great right-handed batsman who has performed very well in various cricket matches. But in some matches, his performance was low because of less practice. A total of 242 matches have been played by him in his IPL career till now and a lot more are coming which will be played by him. In all these 242 matches, Dinesh Kartik has made a total of 4516 runs. His batting average is 25.8 and his strike rate is 132.7.

  • Matches: 242
  • Runs: 4516
  • Strike rate: 132.7
  • Batting Average: 25.8

Other Players Who Made Most Ducks in IPL:

Apart from Dinesh Karthik, there are other players as well who have made many ducks in their IPL careers. Also, they are less compared to Dinesh Karthik who is known as the duck king in the IPL. But the following are the details of all those players who have scored zero runs in most of their IPL matches.

1. Rohit Sharma:

Rohit Sharma has played for two teams, Delhi Capitals and Mumbai Indians. While playing for both these teams, he has played many matches till now and is also included in the Mumbai Indian squad right now. Rohit Sharma has made a total of 16 ducks till now in his IPL career. This is all because of a lack of concentration, but he always tries to focus on the betterment of his performance.

2. Sunil Narine:

Sunil Narine is an international Indian cricketer. He has also played in the Indian Premier League for many seasons. In all the seasons, he has played for Kolkata Knight Riders. Among all the matches played for the team, he has been ducked 15 times. This was all because of his less practice and a little bit less hard work.

Apart from these 15 ducks that he has faced in IPL. Sunil Narine has also played very outstanding matches in the IPL due to which the Kolkata Knight Riders team has been proud of him many times.

3. Mandeep Singh:

Mandeep Singh has played for different teams in the IPL. These teams include Punjab Kings, Delhi Capitals, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Kolkata Knight Riders and Kings XI Punjab. He has been ducked 15 times and is in the number fourth position of being the IPL player with the most ducks due to his low performance in any match he got dismissed without making any runs. So this happened to him 15 times. But he is practising more in future to avoid the ducks in the IPL matches.

4. Piyush Chawla:

Piyush Chawla has played for Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, and Kings XI Punjab. He has been ducked 14 times while playing in IPL since the start of his IPL career. He will be proving himself in the upcoming IPL seasons through his outstanding performances.


This article tells you the complete details regarding who is the duck king in the IPL. Along with this, it has also told about the other players with the most ducks in IPL matches. Get to know about all the details of the upcoming IPL 2024 matches as well from our page.

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