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What Is Handicap Betting?

Beginners are usually interested in the theoretical base when betting on various sporting events. Often slip terms such as handicap, total, handicap and so on. It is imperative to understand what handicap, handicap, total are in sports betting.

The word handicap and handicap have the same meaning. This is a certain scheme used to equalize forces. For example, there is only the beginning of the match, where 2 teams or 2 players take part. One of them is in favor, the second is considered an outsider. As a result, the result of the match is predictable in https://parimatch.in/blog/en/what-is-handicap-betting/. Everyone bets on which team or player is the favorite. However, this will be a boring game for people who are very temperamental in their choice of bets and in general in the game. 

This is why handicap or handicap bets are created. Thanks to them, even teams in a disadvantaged position will be able to please the bettors. First, you need to bet with a handicap on one team. If she won, even taking into account the handicap, then the person who made the bet will be in the black. And if he loses, then he will be in the red. If in the end there is a draw, then the bookmaker will return the bet.

Handicap Betting


Now we can consider examples where there are handicaps with plus and minus. In European Handicap, the bookie either scores or deducts points. It’s best to understand with an example. For example, there is a team 1 and 2. Suppose a player bets on the first team, but the bet itself is with a +1 handicap. If there is a draw, that is, 0-0, you need to add another point from the handicap. The result will be 1-0. As a result, the player will receive a win because his bet won. 

Let’s assume the result of the match was 0-2. If you add handicap points, you get 1-2. As a result, even taking into account the handicap, the player lost, because the team he bet on also lost. If, after adding the handicap, there is a draw, then the bet is returned. But the Asian version of the handicap is a little more interesting. It differs in that the result in a draw is not provided here. Handicap can be chosen both with plus and minus. And the most numerical value is fractional. For example, 0.5.

In addition to the handicap, total bets are often made. Everything is simple here. It is only necessary to guess whether the number of goals scored will be over or under a certain value. If, as a result, the outfit has a total, then the bet will be canceled. All these terms must be known. Before placing a bet, you should understand all the concepts so as not to make mistakes.

Beginner Tips

If you have just become a better player, here are some tips for you:

Tip 1: pick reliable bookmakers. Treat deciding a bookmaker like deciding a bank. The principle is similar: the larger the office, the more reliable it is. But be careful and check the bookmakers: one-day bookmakers often take names that are similar to the names of large companies. It brings chaos. One-night stands are bad because they can close at any time, taking your money. And then even going to court will not help – such bookmakers are registered in offshore zones.

Tip 2: Avoid those who promise “sure”. As a result of the match, “certainty” happens only when the match is fixed. Without fraud, there can be no absolute certainty as a result of the game and the success of the bet. Therefore, avoid everyone: “experts”, “analysts”, other players who promise you a “sure thing”, that is, a win-win bet. They are deceiving you.

Tip 3: Don’t rush to bet on your favorites. The bet on a clear victory of the favorites is the most common. Therefore, the favorites are called the favorites, which they most often win. But reread tip number two: they can lose or draw. If the coefficient was meager, it will be difficult for you to recoup. Therefore, when you bet on the favorites, keep an eye on the odds. Do not bet with meager odds – it’s more expensive for yourself.

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