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Top 5 Stadiums for Cricket in India


Well, cricket is one of the most beloved sports in India. Accordingly, there are plenty of stadiums where you can watch the games. In this material, we are going to cover the worthiest of them.

And, let’s start with Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium. Gahunje village is where it is situated. This is the home stadium of the cricket team with the same name: Maharashtra. The stadium was opened to public in 2012 so it is relatively new. Michael Hopkins was the architect who constructed it.

As for the capacity, 42000 people can sit there and enjoy the cricket games. One of the brightest features of the stadium worth mentioning is as follows: there are some additional facilities for the other kinds of sports such as badminton and squash courts, spas and restaurants. What is more, there is a huge parking which becomes very convenient for the potential spectators.

Inderjit Singh Bindra Stadium

This one is situated in Mohali. Punjab team is the cricket team which is based here on a permanent basis. Around 30000 spectators can watch the playing stuff here which is quite a relevant number.

You need to be aware of the fact that construction took 3 years. Today, it is one of the most widely used stadiums for cricket in India. A lot of events linked to cricket were held here, surely including World Cups. 

Eden Gardens

This one is extremely old. It was established back in 1864! Kolkata is the place where it is situated. Bengal is a home club of this stadium. When speaking of its size, this stadium confidently holds the second place within the territory of India. And, it gets the third place in the world which is also notable.

This stadium is often called a home of Indian cricket which highlights its good reputation. For today, the capacity equals 80000 people. Can you imagine the size of this stadium judging by this figure?

Brabourne Stadium

You can become a spectator of this stadium for cricket when you go to Mumbai. Accordingly, the home team of the stadium is Mumbai Indians. The capacity is 50000 people. The stadium cannot really be called a new one as long as it was opened to the public in 1937. The stadium’s brightest advantage is that around it there is a downtown and the view is just amazing.

So, if you are a fan of cricket and would like to go to one of the future matches, going here will be a great choice (in case you want to place a bet for the match, use Parimatch app).

Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium

Naya Raipur City is where it is located. The overall capacity is 65000 people. As for the size, the stadium holds the third position in Indian and the fourth one in the world.

The constriction can be characterized as a modern one. The building of it was initiated in 2001 and took a couple of years. All in all, it is comfortable for the spectators and a lot of great games were held here.

So, all the stadiums given here are worth visiting and each of them is genuinely unique.

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