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Top 5 Cricket Betting Strategies To Win Consistently Online

Top 5 cricket betting strategies will definitely enhance the way you bet on cricket online. Cricket betting is reaching new heights of popularity with every passing day. It is fun, especially if you have strategies in place. Effective cricket betting strategies ensure that you bet and keep winning consistently. If you are looking for a better online cricket betting experience, keep the following cricket betting strategies handy.

Top 5 Cricket Betting Strategies

Cricket betting strategies need to be used effectively for consistent positive results. Following are the top 5 cricket betting strategies and pointers to keep in mind before you go for online cricket betting:

Analysing Pitch and Weather | Strategy #1

Pitch and weather play a crucial part in how a cricket match pans out. The toss becomes crucial, depending on the pitch and weather conditions. A captain chooses to bat or bowl based on the pitch type and weather conditions.

How pitch conditions matter?

Pitch conditions matter a lot in cricket. For example, if the pitch is dry, it will assist the spinners. On the other hand, if the pitch is green, then it will help swing and seam bowlers.

How do weather conditions matter?

Weather conditions affect the way the ball will behave in the air or off the pitch. For example, if the conditions are cloudy, then the ball is more likely to swing and seam.

Make sure that you are aware of the pitch and weather conditions before placing a bet on a team or a specific player.

Understanding a team’s playing style | Strategy #2

A team can have a certain playing style, and depending on that, the team might succeed or fail in certain conditions. For example, if a team has a lot of aggressive players, it might struggle in Test cricket, where patience is required. A team with a defensive mindset is set to struggle in the T20 format.

Recent form of a team or a player | Strategy #3

Even if a team might seem strong or weak on paper, it is important to know their recent form. A strong team might be struggling due to various reasons, like the lack of form of its main players, the wrong tactics, etc. Similarly, you will also need to keep a close watch on players, as a star player for a particular team might not be in good form.

Match betting and series betting | Strategy #4

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is that strategies will vary depending on whether you are betting on a particular match or an entire series. A team might struggle on a particular pitch or ground but dominate the remaining matches of the series. You can bet on popular series like the Ashes, which is a Test series played between Australia and England. If you are an Indian cricket team fan, then you can go to an interesting Test series played between India and Australia: Border-Gavaskar trophy.

Bet on top performers | Strategy #5

There are certain players who will raise their game against a particular opponent or in certain conditions. For example, a player of Virat Kohli’s class will often bring his ‘A-game’ to the table, especially when chasing in white-ball cricket.
Keep an eye on effective new-ball swing bowlers, wrist spinners, openers, and strong middle-order batters who could change the game in a matter of minutes.

What makes Cricket Betting Popular?

Following are some of the reasons that make cricket betting popular:
Multiple betting options
Several top tournaments
Amazing earnings
Simple rules
Brilliant offers and bonuses

Concluding Thoughts

Cricket betting has always been one of the favourite types of sports betting in India, as cricket is a favourite sport. If you want to keep winning consistently while betting on cricket, you need to do proper research and keep these strategies handy. Make sure you follow them, bet, and win incredible rewards.

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