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The Dhaka Metropolis cricket team

As it happens in many countries around Asia, Bangladesh is a country that has lots of local cricket competitions. One of the squads that compete in them corresponds to the Dhaka Metropolis cricket team. The excellent Bangladeshi betting site – 1xBet, which offers lots of wagering opportunities on lots of different matches that take place in the country.

Dhaka Metropolis plays in the National Cricket League. This domestic Bangladeshi cricket competition sees the first-class variation of the game being played.

During its first seasons in the competition, the squad couldn’t claim any title. However, they managed to finish in third place on a few different occasions. However, the team is always trying to improve itself and attempts to put up the best possible performances. For this reason, the 1xBet Bangladeshi betting site is a place that should be visited in order to wager on this squad.

Origins and return

Dhaka Metropolis played in the initial 2000-01 season of the National Cricket League. However, the team left the competition for approximately ten years. Later, in the 2011-12 season, the competition was expanded from six to eight teams. Fans can watch 1xBet streams now, and use them in order to make good live wagers on this team. At that moment, one of the two teams that became part of the championship was precisely the Dhaka Metropolis Cricket team. The other squad that became part of the NCL back then was the Rangpur Division team.

Since the return of Dhaka Metropolis to the National Cricket League, the squad hasn’t played all its matches in a single place. Instead, the team constantly rotates throughout different venues located around the Bangladeshi capital. However, one of the most frequently used stadiums by the team is the Dhanmondi Cricket Stadium. The high-quality 1xBet streams can be watched now, and they feature all the matches played by this teaml.

Excellent players

Being one of the most cricket-loving countries in the world, it is natural to expect highly talented players to be part of the different Bangladeshi teams. Fans can place their wagers on different Bangladeshi cricket championships by visiting the https://1xbetbd.com/line/Cricket website.

In the specific case of Dhaka Metropolis, the team has had some notable players in its ranks. Some names include:


  • Tareq Aziz;
  • Mohammad Ashraful;
  • Elias Sunny;
  • and Aminul Islam Bulbul.

Dhaka Metropolis constantly tries to improve its performances by getting new and talented players. This is a powerful reason to visit 1xBet and wager on the squad right now.

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