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Teams With Highest Winning Margin in IPL History – IPL Records

Here is the detail of the Teams With the Highest Winning Margin in IPL History. Cricket is an amazing sport. It Is loved by people from all over the world. Many leagues and tournaments are going on in the world at different times. People admire them and support their favorite teams. The Indian Premier League is a league that is followed by the Indian people as well as people living in different parts of the world. Many national and international players are included in this Indian Premier League. There are many seasons of the Indian Premier League in which the teams have won with the highest margin of victory. Following you will get the complete details regarding the teams with a great margin of victory in the IPL history.

Teams With Highest Winning Margin in IPL History - IPL Records

Teams With Highest Winning Margin in IPL History:

Many IPL franchises have been playing well with full dedication and strength. Following are the teams that have been winning with high margins in the IPL different seasons. Here you will be provided with complete detail of the runs made by IPL teams and the winning margin runs of various teams.

Dehli Daredevils Vs Mumbai Indians:

Mumbai Indians is a very experienced and professional team. They have been winning many matches in the IPL seasons. Delhi Daredevils is also an amazing team but they are not much experienced in winning the IPL matches. On 6th May 2017, a match was held between Mumbai Indians and Delhi Daredevils. In this match, Mumbai Indians won the match with the highest margin of victory against Delhi Daredevils. The match was played at Delhi stadium.

Mumbai Indians were the first to bat. They gave a target of 213 runs to the Delhi Daredevils team squad. But Delhi Daredevils was able to score only 66 runs in that match. They played efficiently in the second innings but could not meet the target. Mumbai Indians were presented as the biggest margin winners in the IPL match. They are also on the top of the list of the teams having the highest margin of victory in the IPL history.

Gujarat Lions Vs Royal Challengers Bangalore:

Both the teams comprise experienced and professional team squads. Royal Challengers Bangalore have been playing very well in all the IPL seasons. Many victories have been gained by Royal Challengers Bangalore team. Royal Challengers Bangalore stands in the second position to be the best team for winning the match with a great margin. The match was played in 2016 against the Gujarat lions. A total of 249 runs were made by Royal Challengers Bangalore. Gujarat Lions were unable to chase that total and were defeated by the RCB team squad.

Gujarat Lions were able to make only 144 runs. This victory of Royal Challengers Bangalore against Gujarat Lions is on the second of the list of the teams having the greatest margin of victory in the IPL history. Royal Challengers Bangalore has always been a professional team that has been associated with many victories in the IPL matches. This team is more efficient as compared to the Gujarat Lions team squad.

Royal Challengers Bangalore Vs Kolkata Knight Riders Team:

 Kolkata Knight Riders possess many national and international players. The Royal Challengers Bangalore is also a very amazing team. Both the teams have been playing with full dedication in all the IPL seasons. Kolkata Knight Riders are the 3rd team to be having the highest margin of victory in the IPL history. Kolkata Knight Riders won against Royal Challengers Bangalore.

This happened in IPL season 1 in which Kolkata Knight Riders made 223 runs. The match was played on 18th April 2008 against Royal Challengers Bangalore. It was considered the best win in terms of margin for a long period. The winning margin by runs was 140 runs between Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Kings XI Punjab Vs Royal Challengers Bangalore:

Royal Challengers Bangalore is a very experienced team and has been winning in various IPL seasons. This team has taken the title many times before. Royal Challengers Bangalore is also considered the second team to be having the highest margin of victory in IPL history. In the 2015 IPL season, a match was played between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kings XI Punjab. The Royal Challengers Bangalore won the match against the Kings XI Punjab.

The total runs made by the RCB team squad were 227 runs. In the second innings, Kings XI Punjab made only 89 runs and could not chase the Royal Challengers Bangalore target. So this was a great margin victory from the side of Royal Challengers Bangalore again in another IPL season. RCB got maximum margin victory in this match with a margin of 138 runs. This victory is considered as 4th best high margin victory in the IPL history. Both the teams are experienced. Royal Challengers Bangalore is more dedicated and prepared for the IPL matches as compared to the Kings XI Punjab.

Pune Warriors Vs Royal Challengers Bangalore:

The Royal Challengers Bangalore team is very consistent in winning the IPL seasons. It has won many matches with a good margin. In another match that was held in 2013 between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Pune Warriors, the RCB team squad won that match. This was the match in which Chris Gayle scored 175 runs. It was also the match that was awarded the record of highest individual score and highest team total in the IPL history.

It is the fifth victory with a great margin in the IPL history. A total of 264 runs were made by RCB. Pune Warriors were not able to chase this target. They made only 130 runs and lose the match. Royal Challengers Bangalore were gifted with a great margin of victory in the  2013 IPL season. This is also the fifth biggest win in the IPL by any team.

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