Rahul Dravid Net Worth, Wiki, Salary, Cricket Career, Indian Coach

Here is the detail of Rahul Dravid Net Worth, Wiki, Salary, Cricket Career, Indian Coach, and much more. Rahul Dravid was a very famous and popular cricketer of India. Right now he is serving as the coach of the Indian team. He is a very multi-talented and skilful cricketer who was a great batsman. He is a very dangerous batsman who played for the Indian international cricket team. His skills are just exceptional in coaching as well and can not be compared to the other coaches. Rahul Dravid has got so much talent for coaching in a cricket game because of his cast experience. He was a right-handed batsman who was also the captain of the Indian cricket team. He is also very famous and popular and has a huge fan base not only in his own country but in the whole world.

Rahul Dravid has a very huge fan base because of his outstanding performances in every game with full of magical skills in batting. He has made his fan base very huge with his outstanding efforts and continuous hard work. He has been very successful in his cricket career till now and he has a lot of cricket coaching career ahead now in his life because he is a very talented cricketer. His batting skills were fascinating and all the bowlers who had to face him became very frightened of him because they knew that he could hit their ball anytime with his magical spell.

Rahul Dravid Net Worth, Wiki, Salary, Cricket Career, Indian Coach

Rahul Dravid Net Worth:

Rahul Dravid earns a lot of money from his net worth as he is a very famous and popular international Indian coach. His net worth is very high in the amount of money because he is also one of the richest coaches in the world. His coaching skills are very outstanding and he has made his net worth very high in the amount of money. He is currently earning a total of 40 million US dollars as his net worth which he has made by his continuous hard work and consistent efforts.

Rahul Dravid earned this amount of money as his net worth not only from his cricket career but from different sources as well. He earns money which is considered in his net worth from different brand endorsements and different advertisements in which he appears. He is currently living a very luxurious life with a very high amount of net worth which he has made through a lot of dedication hard work and effort.

Rahul Dravid Salary:

Rahul Dravid not only earns money from his net worth. He is living a very fancy life now because he has a lot of net worth and salaries. He is currently earning money from different types of salaries given to him. His annual income and salary is more than 20 crore rupees. He also earns much from his monthly income and salary which is approximately more than 3 crore Indian rupees.

The Indian cricket board gives him a salary of 20 crore rupees. All his salaries are very high in comparison to the other Indian coaches because he is one of the best coaches in the whole world. His salary for brand endorsements is between India and 3.5 crore rupees.

Rahul Dravid Coaching Career:

He is a 51-year-old Indian team coach who is coaching the team very efficiently. He is currently also listed as the world’s best coach. His outstanding coaching skills cannot be compared to the other coaches because he is a very unpredictable and experienced coach Further details about Rahul Dravid will be discussed in this article so be connected with us to know more information about Rahul Dravid.

Brand Endorsements:

Rahul Dravid has signed so many contracts with the big brands of the world in his career. He is currently also in contract with different brands around the world who are very famous and popular. As he is an international Indian coach and very famous also, many brands around the world offer him a contract which he signs and earns a lot of money.

He is currently earning approximately 3.5 crores Indian rupees from his salary in brand endorsements. Currently, he is associated with some major brands of the world which are the following:

  • Reebok
  • Pepsi
  • Hutch
  • Max Life
  • Citizen
  • Sansui
  • Gilette
  • Samsung
  • Orchids
  • Practo
  • Piramal Realty

Cars Collection:

As Rahul Dravid is a very famous and popular international Indian coach, he has a very luxurious and fancy car collection under his property. Rahul Dravid has revealed his cars on the internet. He has so many fancy and luxurious cars but all of his cars are not revealed on the internet some expensive and main cards are known by everyone. Rahul Dravid also loves to drive cars which is why he has so many fancy cars in his car collection.

Rahul Dravid has one Mercedes Benz GLE and its worth is rupees 80 lakhs. He has also a BMW 5 series which is 72 lakh Indian rupees. He also owns an Audi Q5 and Hyundai. These two cars are also of high amount. The car collection of Rahul Dravid is very fascinating and beautiful and loved by everyone.


Rahul Dravid earns a total of 40 million US dollars as his net worth. He also earns money from different salaries of him. Rahul Dravid is currently earning a lot of money from his salary. He is also the finest batsman in India.

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