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PSL Sponsors & Advertisers: List of Official PSL 7 2022 Title Sponsorship

List of Official PSL Sponsors, Advertisers Season 7 & Title Sponsorship – Pakistan Super League 2022 is going to commence soon. For this purpose, there are many sponsors selected for Pakistan Super League 2022. The sponsorship rights are given to various companies for the upcoming PSL 2022 matches. You can get to know the complete details regarding the PSL season 7 from our page.

Here you will get the complete details of the sponsors for PSL 2022. Some different brands and companies have partnered and are ready to support the PSL season 7. All are the known and highly preferred brands by the Pakistani people. Some of the brands have been sponsoring the PSL in previous seasons. While some are new in sponsoring the PSL 2022 matches.

PSL Sponsors & Advertisers List of Official PSL 7 2022 Title Sponsorship

Who Are The Sponsors of HBL PSL 7 2022? Following is the PSL 7 sponsors List:

  • HBL
  • Inverex
  • Ariel
  • pk
  • Pepsi
  • Jubilee Life Insurance
  • Brighto Paints
  • Oppo Mobile
  • Head & Shoulders
  • Tapal Tea
  • TransGroup
  • Blitz International

HBL Sponsorship for PSL 2022:

HBL has gained sponsorship rights for Pakistan Super League 2022. This tournament has received a major contribution from Habib Bank Limited. HBL sponsor for PSL 2022 has got the sponsorship rights again for the next 4 years. It is a public tender process in which the PCB has made the sponsorship connection with HBL for the next 4 years. The PSL 2022 sponsors include HBL which has been entertaining and providing glamour to all the cricket fans.

Jubilee Life Insurance Sponsorship for PSL 2022:

It is one of Pakistan’s leading Life Insurance providers. Jubilee life has announced PSL sponsorship 2022 for the upcoming seventh season. They are proud to play an important role in sponsoring the Pakistan super league season 7. The one-month PSL 2022 will be sponsored by Jubilee Life Insurance as it was sponsored in the previous year.

The company is looking forward to supporting the PSL 2022 matches. They are committed to promoting sports in Pakistan. All the matches of PSL 2022 in Lahore and Karachi Stadium will be sponsored by this Life Insurance PSL Sponsors 2022.

Oppo Mobile Sponsors PSL 7:

Oppo Mobiles are also the sponsors for PSL 2022, Also they have started its collaboration with the Pakistan cricket board many years ago. It has been sponsoring the PSL in previous seasons as well. The Oppo mobile company’s CEO said that they are ready to support the youth of Pakistan. They are attracted to the kind of culture of Pakistani youth. They will sponsor the PSL 2022 with great interest.

Bookme.pk PSL 2022 Sponsor:

Bookme.pk is the official sponsor for PSL 2022. It is one of leading Pakistan’s e-ticketing channels. It has millions of customers. Bookme. Pk provides its services in the transportation industry. It has all the ticketing rights for the PSL season 7 which is going to commence from January 27, 2022. Through this major sponsor for PSL 2022, cricket fans can easily buy tickets and watch the matches without any interruption.

Head and Shoulders PSL Season 7 Sponsor:

Head and shoulders is a very known brand in Pakistan that supplies shampoos and conditioners. H&S have been appointed as the PSL 2022 sponsor. It is an efficient way for the brand to promote themselves as well as the PSL 2022 tournament.

A new campaign for head and shoulders will also be launched during the PSL season 7 in which there will be the brand’s follow-up. It will be beneficial for both the brand and the PSL season 7 tournament.

Inverex Sponsor for PSL 2022:

Inverex is a leading solar brand in Pakistan. They keep on launching their new solar products. Inverex has come forward for sponsoring the PSL season 7 this time. It is a certified brand that has been providing services all across Asia. In 2022 PSL season 7 Inverex will sponsor which will be beneficial for the cricket fans, the brand itself, and the Pakistan Super League. It will sponsor in a very efficient manner.

Pepsi Sponsor for PSL 2022:

The brand Pepsi is ready to support and sponsor the PSL season 7. It has been sponsoring various Pakistan cricket tournaments. The director of Pepsi company said that they are proud to sponsor the PSL 2022. They are much excited to start the journey with the PSL 2022. Pepsi is the principal PSL Sponsors 2022. They have been partnering with the PCB since 1990. Hence the PCB has done an agreement with Pepsico company to sponsor the PSL 2022.

TransGroup Sponsorship for PSL 7:

TransGroup International has always been supporting Pakistani Domestic Cricket also, they have a great experience for adding excitement for all the cricket participants and the fans. They are included in the sponsor’s list for PSL 2022. They have all the sponsorship rights for the upcoming PSL. TransGroup International is a known sponsor for PSL matches.

Ariel PSL 7 Sponsor:

Ariel is a laundry detergent-making company. It is a European brand and much preferred in Pakistan. It has got the sponsorship rights for the PSL season 7. This brand is ready to support the PSL 2022 matches. Aerial sponsor for PSL 2022 will be very beneficial for the PCB and the brand itself.

All the media sponsors for the PSL 2022 are well known and certified. They may expand more by doing partnerships with the Pakistan Cricket Board. The reason behind is that PSL 2022 is one of the known and biggest tournament of Pakistan. So many people are fond of watching this mega cricket league. In this way, more people will come to know about the PSL 7.

Stay connected with our page to get all the updates and highlights regarding PSL 2022. This is one of the mega-events of the year for Pakistani cricket fans. All the PSL 7 matches will be played with great fun and excitement. The cricket fans from all over Pakistan are so much enthusiastic about this PSL league. Get ready to support your favorite team and player.

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