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Most Test Matches Played By Any Team: 1000 Test Matches

Here is the detail of Most Test Matches Played By Any Team. The team England has the title of being the top team to play 1000 test matches in test match cricket history. This team is the first team to appear in 1000 matches in the test format. The team England has also won many of them against different competitors in the world. England played the first test match in 1877. Out of total 1000 matches in which they have appeared, they have won 357 matches. Here 297 matches were lost by the England team. While 345 matches were drawn. The team England played their first match in 1877 and their 1000th test match in 2018. Test cricket has a 142-year history in which teams.

England has only reached this milestone in the journey of the England team to play Thousand Test matches. There are many players in the England team as well who had many records. James Anderson is the player with the most wickets in Test cricket history from the England cricket team. He has taken a total of 540 wickets in his test career. While Alastair Cook is the record holder of making more runs in Test cricket. He has made 12145 runs in the test history. Alastair Cook is also the record holder of playing most test matches that are 156. He has also played most test matches as a captain.

Most Test Matches Played By Any Team 1000 Test Matches

Most Test Matches Played By Any Team:

The team England has played many matches in different formats of cricket. But it has reached the milestone of playing a thousand matches in test cricket. There are many teams that have played test matches and are playing for a very long time. But only England is the team that has completed a thousand test matches milestone. A total of 1058 matches have been played by this team. Considering the second team who has played the most test matches in Australia.

Australia is also near to reaching the milestone of thousand test matches. The team Australia has played a total of 849 test matches till now. They are also hoping for reaching the record of thousand test matches. Here you will get to know about the complete details of Team England’s test matches against different teams of the world.

Against Australia:

The England teas played test matches against Australia from 1877 to 2022. There are a total of 356 matches that have been played against Australia. Out of these matches, team England has won 110 matches. This is a good score that is gained by the England team.

Against Bangladesh:

The team England has been playing test matches for a very long time. Considering England versus Bangladesh test matches there is a total of 10 matches that are played between both these teams. England has played matches against Bangladesh from 2003 till 2016. Out of these 10 matches, 9 matches have been won by the England team. This is a very great victory that is and by the team against Bangladesh.

Against India:

There a are total of 131 matches played between England and India. Out of these 131 matches, the England team got the victory in 50 matches. More matches were won by the Indian team. The time spent on the test matches between England and India is from 1932 to 2022.

Against New Zealand:

Team England has played a total of 110 test matches against New Zealand. Out of these, 110 matches, team England has got victory in 51 test matches. It is a good record for the England team squad. This is because they have played very efficiently against the New Zealand team in many matches.

Against Pakistan:

Team England has played a total of 89 matches against Pakistan. But it has won only 29 matches. Out of these, this is because of their less practice and the strong opponent team. England has played test matches against Pakistan since 1984 till 2022. Both the teams are strong and play efficiently to win the match.

Against South Africa:

The team England has played a total of 156 test matches against South Africa. Out of these 156 test matches the team England has won between 66 matches. These matches were played from 1889 to 2022. It was a very amazing test series between both teams.

Against Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka has also played many test matches with England. They have played 36 test matches. These are less as compared to the matches played with another team. Out of these 36 matches, some were drawn, some were lost and 17 matches were won by the England team.

Against West Indies:

The team England has played 163 matches with the team West Indies. These matches have been played from 1928 till 2022. England team has won 51 test matches against the West Indies team.

Against Zimbabwe:

Zimbabwe is the team from which England has played the matches in the test format. Only 6 matches are played by the England team against Zimbabwe. These 6 matches are played between the period from 1996 to 2003. Out of these 6 matches, three matches were won by the England team. So many matches are won by England among the 1000 test matches that are played by this team.


The team England is the first team to play more than 1000 test matches in cricket history. It has played 1058 Test matches. Out of these, team England has won more than 350 matches against different International teams of the world. The England team squad is always ready to get victory in the matches played in any format. They are best in the test format but they have also a good command of the ODI and T20 International formats.

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