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Most Catches Taken in T20 World Cup International – {Catches Record}

ICC T20 World Cup is going to be played in October this year. It is great news for all the cricket fans to get ready for the biggest cricket event this year. Grab your tickets to support your favorite team. It is under discussion for the change in venue of ICC T20 world cup.

Most Catches Taken in T20 World Cup International:

Following are the cricketers who have taken the record most catches in the ICC T20 international matches.

David Miller:

David Miller is one of the best fielders in the ICC T20 International Cricket. He belongs to South Africa. He has taken 61 catches in 80 innings. David Miller is playing since 2010 till now. All his fielding spirits are marvelous.

Martin Guptill:

He belongs to New Zealand and is one of the best bowlers. Martin Guptill is best in his fielding and has taken record catches in T20 Cricket. He has taken 58 catches in 101 innings. He is playing since 2009 till now. His fielding criteria are best.

Shoaib Malik:

Shoaib Malik is one of the best all-rounders of the Pakistan cricket team. He is not only a good batsman but also an amazing fielder. Record most catches are taken by him in T20 International Matches. He has taken 50 catches in 116 innings. His T20 career span is from 2006-2020.

Ross Taylor:

This amazing fielder is from New Zealand. Ross Taylor has made a record in catching. He took 46 catches in 102 innings. His fielding is amazing and outstanding. His career span in ICC T20 World Cup is 2006-2020.

Muhammad Nabi:

Muhammad Nabi plays for the Afghanistan team in the ICC International matches. He is good support for the Afghanistan team on the bowling and fielding side. He has taken record most catches in T20 Cricket. Muhammad Nabi took 45 catches in 85 innings. Muhammad Nabi is playing since 2010 till now.


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