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Most Catches Taken By a Player in T20 International – {Catches Record}

The T20 World Cup is very near and all the cricket fans are very excited about this big tournament. Support your favorite team in the T20 world cup this year. Many records are made by players from different teams all over the world in the T20 World Cup history.
Here we will be discussing the most catches taken in the T20 International Cricket history by the players. First, get to know about the T20 World Cup 2021 schedule and fixtures to get updated about the matches.

Most Catches Taken By a Player in T20 International – {Catches Record}:

Following players have taken the most catches in the T20 International cricket history:

DA Miller:

He is from South Africa. He has taken 61 catches in his total 81 matches. His T20 international career span is from 2010-2021.

MJ Guptill:

He is from New Zealand. MJ Guptill has made a record of most catches by a player in T20 by taking 58 catches in 102 matches. He has been playing from 2009-2021. He is one of the best players in the T20 international cricket history.

Shoaib Malik:

Shoaib Malik has taken 50 catches by playing 116 matches. His career span is from 2006-2020. He is one of the best players in Pakistan. Shoaib Malik is an all-rounder and provest best for the Pakistani team.

LRPL Taylor:

Taylor is a player from New Zealand. He is an amazing bowler and fielder. He has taken 46 catches in his 102 matches. Taylor has been playing from 2006-2020.

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