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List of Commentators for PSL 2024 in English, Urdu & Hindi

Here is the detail of the List of Commentators for PSL 2024 in English, Urdu & Hindi. The Pakistan Super League 2024 is going to start very soon. This will be an amazing tournament for all cricket lovers. It is highly entertaining to watch the matches directly from the stadium.  PSL season 9 commentary will play a great role for the people who will be watching the matches from their homes. It creates an environment of fun and the people will easily know about everything happening in the PSL match.

List of Commentators for PSL 2024 in English, Urdu & Hindi

List of Commentators for PSL 2024 in English, Urdu & Hindi:

English Commentators for PSL 2024:

Following are the top English Commentators for PSL 2024:

Danny Morrison:

As the English of Danny Morrison is very attractive and he is very humorous as well in his English accent, the PCB decided to take him as a commentator who will do English commentary in this PSL season 9. It is assumed that he will come out as the best commentator because his fans in English show us that he knows the English accent very well. He will do commentary after so many years so he is so happy to do commentary again after so much time for Pakistani cricket fans.

All his fans are eagerly waiting to listen to him as a commentator for PSL 2024. His way of commentary is very amazing and attracts his listeners so much. He has played cricket previously as a fast bowler for the New Zealand cricket team. Danny Morrison is a soft-spoken person and we will enjoy the matches because of his commentary. He will share his opinion about different teams and players who will play in the stadium for PSL 2024.

Mark Butcher:

Mark Butcher is a retired cricketer who will come out as a commentator for PSL 2024 matches. He always shows his fans that they love him for a reason. He always satisfies his fans by showing his best performance in every match. Mark Butcher is a left-handed batsman with a great professional record. You will be able to see him commenting on this PSL 2024 and this is a very good chance for all of us to support him.

Ian Bishop:

Another English commentator for PSL 9 is Ian Bishop. He is selected for the English commentary like other commentators. His accent is very soothing and satisfying for all the cricket fans who will see the matches of PSL 2024. We will enjoy these matches of the PSL final too because they have superstars of cricket and the very best commentators in this PSL season.

Simon Doull:

Simon Doull is a New Zealand player who has retired from cricket. He was a right-arm medium pacer. He is now selected in the commentary panel of PSL 9. It will be fun to watch the PSL matches in his commentary style.

Mike Haysman:

Mike Haysman was born in Australia and has a lot of professional experience in English commentary. He will also be doing the commentary for PSL season 9 matches. He has also played many cricket matches for the Australian cricket team as a right-handed batsman.

Michael Clarke:

Michael Clarke is a former Australian cricketer who played as a captain of the Australian team. He has been a player and captain for numerous cricket formats. Now as he is retired, so he will be included in the commentary panel of PSL 9.

Urdu/Hindi Commentators for PSL 2024:

Following are the best Urdu/Hindi Commentators for PSL 2024:

Waqar Younis:

Waqar Younis will be the finest commentator for PSL 2024 matches. If we talk about Waqar Younis as a cricketer, he was a left-handed batsman and a very popular batsman in the Pakistan cricket team. He is a slow left-arm fast bowler also who always takes a lot of wickets and his opponents are so scared when he comes in front of them. He is also known as Sultan of Swings. His batting and bowling both are mind-blowing and if we talk about his commentary then his way of talking is perfect.

Tariq Saeed:

Tariq Saeed was an amazing cricketer for the Pakistani team and he will do commentary for this season of the PSL season 9. So this season of PSL 2024 will be the blockbuster season because of his commentary. He is a very decent person who has commentated on Radio Pakistan as well for a long time and his decency is shown in his words. Tariq Saeed is a very familiar voice for many hockey and cricket games. Now he will do commentary for this PSL tournament 2024.

Bazid Khan:

Bazid Khan will also do commentary in this PSL 2024 matches so in this PSL season 9, you will see all the big stars who will do commentary. He is a big name in Pakistan and has so many fans worldwide. His fans are so much excited to see him doing commentary on different matches of PSL 2024 and he will never disappoint his fans. He always shows his best when he is playing cricket and his fans are increasing day by day because of his brilliant performance in every match.

Bazid Khan will comment on different players or different teams who will play PSL 2024 and he show us his point of view on them. He is included in the English commentators list because of his professional experience in international commentary.

Urooj Mumtaz:

Urooj Mumtaz will be doing the Urdu commentary for PSL season 2024. This will be a great ease for all the Pakistani cricket fans who don’t understand the English language. So it is also a big benefit for PCB for all the cricket fans in Pakistan and those who understand Urdu outside Pakistan.


Be ready to watch the PSL 9 matches with an amazing commentary. All these commentators will provide you with ongoing ball-by-ball information. They also provide entertainment to the cricket fans viewing the matches. Get ready and support your favorite team.

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