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List of All the Winners of the Big Bash League from 2011 up to Now

Big Bash League is also known as KFC Big Bash League because of sponsorship reasons. It is a T20 cricket league that was started in 2011 by Australian cricket. Through this article, you can get all the information about all the winners of the Big Bash League from 2011 up to now. All the players who win this league season are marvellous players and they exert their full effort to win this league.

List of All the Winners of the Big Bash League from 2011 up to Now

List of All the Winners of the Big Bash League from 2011 up to Now:


The team who won the Big Bash League 2011 season is Sydney Sixers and this team is the outstanding team of this season 2011. This year all the players of this team play their best and in every match, their runs are very good as compared to others.

From the start of this season, Their team squad shows brilliant performance in every match and this is their hard work result that they play a final match and won that match. Perth Scorchers is the team who is a competitor of Sydney Sixers in the final match of the 2011 Big Bash League and became runner-up after being defeated by Sydney Sixers. Sydney Sixers also have a powerful opponent team who also show their best efforts but lose the match.


The winning team of 2012 is Brisbane Heat and the runner-up is again Perth Scorchers. Because this team play outstanding throughout the Big Bash league but in the finale, their players don’t show such powerful behaviour against Brisbane Heat in this season and Brisbane is also a very talented team in Big Bash League. Brisbane Heat has players which other teams want these players because their team squad is so strong and shows marvellous performance in this season of Big Bash League 2012.


Perth Scorchers after coming in the finale of 2011 and 2012 and losing the match get so much disappointed and decided to pay their full attention only to this Big Bash League season and from the very first, match they play with full courage and shock all the fans by Their brilliant performance in this season and all the cricket fans love this team and also this team is the most famous team of Big Bash League and in this season that was the season 13 this team came to finale match because of their efforts and win this season with full dignity and their opponent team who is runner up is Hobart Hurricanes.

2014 & 2016:

The winner of the year 2014 and 2016 is also Perth Scorchers and this team shocked all the teams and cricket fans by winning matches one by one and showing the world that they are the best and most strong team in the Big Bash League. And they also show startling performance in each match and win the matches one by one. In both these years, the players of Perth Scorchers are ready to fight against every team whether it is a powerful team or not, their main aim is only to win the trophy of Big Bash League and they fulfil their aim by doing hard work and by the support of their team and fans.

The runner-up of the years 2014 and 2016 is Sydney Sixers. No doubt that this team is so amazing and the best team and this team also has a huge fan following. This team that is the Sydney Sixers have brilliant teams with a wonderful team squad and this shows that they came to the finale of 2014 and 2016.


The winner of the 2015 Big Bash League was Sydney Thunder and the team who became the runner-up is Melbourne Stars. This team also played with full determination and strength but due to less number as compared to Sydney Thunder they lose the match Melbourne Stars is also a very good team compared to other teams in Big Bash League. Sydney Thunder has a team squad and All the players are the best players other teams feel jealous that this team has such outstanding players in this Big Bash League.


In 2016 a new team Adelaide Strikers win the match of Big Bash League and all the cricket fans love this match because this match is so much good match and thrilling match for the fans who came to the stadium to see their favourite teams and players playing the match and their so much enjoyed this match because the screaming of the people sitting in the stadium show that they were enjoying this match so much. Adelaide strikers win this season of Big Bash League that was played in 2017 and this match between Adelaide strikers and Hobart hurricane is the best match of this season and the tickets for this match were sold out before the match.

The fans who were eagerly waiting for this man and could not get tickets to see their teams playing the match in the stadium were seeing this match and joining this match from their home because many channels worth telecasting these matches of Big Bash League and the runner up of this season is Hobart hurricane and this team also show brilliant performance and every move of their player show that they do a lot of practice for this match but due to some difference in the runs of both these teams they lose the match in became the runner up of 2017.


Melbourne Renegades is the winning team of 2018. In 2018 Melbourne renegades win while playing with Melbourne Stars and this man between these two teams Melbourne Renegades and Melbourne Stars was a very brilliant match the batting and bowling of the players of both these teams are very amazing but Melbourne renegades win this match because this is the target that was given by Melbourne stars and defeat them but both these team were very good and play with full courage.

2019 & 2020:

Sydney Sixers was the winner of 2019 and 2020 while this team is the runner-up of 2021 in these two seasons their team squad played very well and every player show their best move in this match. The owners of this team feel so much proud and all the fans who love this team and the players of this team are proud and confident that they love the team who is the top team of this Big Bash League and the runner-up of the 2019 season is Melbourne Stars and 2020 is Perth Scorchers and these two teams are also very amazing and finale match of both these years 2019 and 2020 was memorable matches of Big Bash League.


The recent year 2021 and the winner of this season is Perth scorchers and the runner up was Sydney Sixers and this match has so much crowd and the stadium is full with the fans of both these teams. Due to a minor difference in the runs, Perth scorchers win this year but the performance of Sydney Sixers and purse coaches on both teams was brilliant and mind-blowing.

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