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Important considerations for moving to a foreign country

Moving you (and your family if appropriate) abroad can be an exciting prospect that could offer you a different life experience and the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture and way of living. However, before simply uprooting from the comfortable and familiar surroundings of home, there are some important considerations to bear in mind and factors to consider. 

Preparing for a foreign move

Depending on how far you intend to move, you may find significant cultural, legal, and societal differences from your current homeland, so you must first do extensive research to decide if a move is indeed right for you. 

Below are just a few more important elements you should consider before making the move. 

Take time to work out your motivations

If you’re considering living in a foreign land, it will likely be because something (or, sometimes, someone) is providing sufficient temptation for you to leave your homeland. Before even considering this move, you should have a good idea in your head of your personal motivations and what’s making you want to live there. The most common reasons include a change of living conditions, potential career options or simply looking for a new adventure. Whatever the temptation, knowing the underlying reasons for your move will help you clarify your decision and also help you choose the best destination.

Account for the financial costs of moving

Again, depending on how far you’re moving (and how much you want to take with you), you’ll have to take into account the costs of making a move – plus source a long distance removal service capable of taking on the long distance movers work. Don’t forget the potential associated costs of this travel, such as your flight ticket, possible visa requirements, inoculations, etc. 

Evaluate your employment prospects

Unless you’re lucky enough to have no longer to work, you will need to find ways to make money in your new country, so you should have an idea of the current work situation and your suitability for positions. For example, medical practitioners, nurses, and tradesmen are almost universally in demand in most countries, whereas you may find your particular skill set isn’t particularly needed in your destination country. Be sure to do comprehensive research to see what opportunities could be open to you. 

Language considerations

Language is a key component of life (perhaps even more so when living in a foreign land) and will help you form friendships, find work, and make the best of your overall experience. Consequently, you should evaluate your proficiency in the local language and, if you have no skills, assess your ability and willingness to learn a new tongue. 

Cost of living compared to wages

Linked to the point above about employment, you will need to have a clear idea of the cost of living relative to what you’re likely to earn while abroad. In some countries, there can be quite stark differences between standard wages and the cost of accommodation, services, etc. – meaning you may have considerably less left in your pocket than you’re used to. Conversely, if your skills are in demand in a cheap country, you may find the opposite to be true. Before moving, you should understand what quality of life you can realistically expect.

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