ICC Official Kit/Jersey Manufacturers of National Cricket Teams

In this article, we will talk about companies who have manufactured ICC Official Kit/Jersey Manufacturers of National Cricket teams, including bats, bowls, helmets, pads, and many other things. All companies are the best in their way and they want to make the best kit for their team.

ICC Official Kit/Jersey Manufacturers of National Cricket Teams

ICC Official Kit/Jersey Manufacturers of Cricket Teams:

MPL Sports:

The first one is MPL Sports. This company manufactures Indian team kits for cricket. We all know that Indian players are the best and they look very appealing. The Indian player’s caps, socks, coasters, coffee mugs, pads, and sipper bottles are necessary for their kit. They all are made by this company and they are very comfortable in these outfits.

If we talk about MPL sports, then it is the best company in India that always want that its outfits and other things are the best and unique from others. Their clothes are very comfortable and sweat-free and all players love their kit that was manufactured by MPL Sports. Their main aim is that the quality of their kit must be amazing and they try their best to satisfy all players with their kits. Apart from match kits, MPL Sports also manufactures official training or travel kits, the official player collection, women and kids kits, retro collection, T-shirts, and polos.

These all are manufactured by MPL sports which is an amazing company and has gained much success because of its hard-working staff who always want to see their team at the top companies. Indian team is so thankful to this company because of such a beautiful kit manufactured by them.


ASICS is the name of the company that made the kits for Australia and as we all know that all the things included in the kit are best for the Australian team. They aim to make the best kit and in Japan, there is no other company that can defeat them in the manufacturing of sports kits. It is a company in Japan that manufactured the kit of the Australian cricket team. They produce items related to sports. In this company, different products are made and some of them are footwear which includes (sneakers, and sandals), clothing like (T-shirts, jackets, hoodies, swimwear, compressions garments, pants, and socks) and different accessories like bags, caps, and backpacks.

Features of ASICS:

They also produce helmets, bats, balls, and towels which are the main accessories of any cricket team kit. The success of the company is based on the staff who work very hard for their company’s success and to see it on the top of the globe. Their hard work all day and night is the result of the best kit they produce for Australia. All the players of Australia look startling in the kit that was made by ASICS the company of Japan. There is also the online store of ASICS where all the items are given at affordable prices. It includes men’s running shoes, women’s shoes, men’s shoes, and women’s running shoes.


New Zealand players have a kit that was made by a very reputable company. Its name is Canterbury which designs kits for the New Zealand team which is a well-known team and the best team. Every player of New Zealand loved the kits that were manufactured by Canterbury because this company always satisfied their customers with their work and by their amazing kits comprising of products in which all are of the best quality and long-lasting.

It is a New Zealand Sports Company where all products are related to sports and you can buy this at reasonable prices. Their product’s amount is so cheap so anyone can buy sports products from this company. This company was founded in 1904 which was about 118 years ago which was a very big time and now they are the most famous company of this era. The founder of Canterbury is J.Lane, P.Walker, and A.Rudkin and they found this company in 1904.

When there was the first world war, this company made military uniforms and helped all the people who played a role in this war. If we talk about the offices and headquarters of this company then the head office is in Avondale, Auckland and the global headquarters are in Stockport.

Canterbury includes products which are Jersey uniforms, protection (like head protectors and mouth guards), boots, balls, helmets, and towels which are included in the kit of the New Zealand team. The players of New Zealand always like the kit manufactured by Canterbury. Casual clothing like shorts, T-shirts, polo shirts, pants, jackets, hoodies, and socks are also made by Canterbury.

TYKA Sports:

TYKA Sports is the team who designed the kit of the Afghanistan team and has so many customers because of their best products and their main aim is to satisfy their customers with their best quality products. This company was founded in 2009 and its headquarters are located in Jalandhar, Punjab which is in India. The products in this company are Athletic footwear and apparel, sports equipment, and other athletic and recreational products. They have almost 100 employees who exert their full effort to make their company the best company in India and for this purpose, they work hard.

The kits of Afghanistan were made by this company and all the staff of the Afghanistan team are highly satisfied with all the products included in the kit. This company started making products in 2014. The players look astonishing in the kits made by TYKA company and this company always makes happy their customers with their quality. All the sports equipment is available in their store and we can easily buy them at reasonable prices.

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