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Harshal Patel Net Worth, IPL Salary, Career, Cricket Career

Harshal Patel Net Worth, IPL Salary, Career, Cricket Career – Harshal Patel, a bowling all-rounder, is a professional player who represents Haryana in limited-overs cricket. Patel is a cricketer who plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the Indian Premier League. He was born in Sanand, Gujarat (IPL).

Harshal Patel took a job with Gujarat’s age-group teams but was also a part of India’s U-19 World Cup squad in New Zealand in 2010. After being overlooked by Gujarat selectors for the First-Class side, he relocated to Haryana to fulfill his potential.

Harshal Patel, a perfect hitter, and right-arm medium pacer made his Indian début. He was the skipper of the Indian cricket team, which reached great heights under his guidance and was one of the toughest teams in the world. Dwayne Bravo still holds the world record for taking the most wickets in an IPL season. He took 32 wickets in 18 matches during the 2013 season. He has equaled Dwayne Bravo’s record of 32 wickets in the 2021 match.

Harshal Patel Net Worth, IPL Salary, Career, Cricket Career

Harshal Patel Net Worth:

Harshal Patel’s net worth is believed to be 2.0 million dollars. He was born on November 23, 1990, in Sanand, Gujarat. He went to a private school in the neighborhood and graduated from H A College of Commerce in Ahmedabad with a certificate. Harshal has been a longtime cricket fan. When he was eight years old, he began learning the basics of cricket from instructor Tarak Trivedi. He is a right-arm spin bowler who first represented Gujarat in one-day internationals in 2009-10. He was a part of the Indian Premier League (IPL) since 2012 and still is a part of the Royal Challengers Bangalore team, which is led by Virat Kohli.

Harshal Patel IPL Salary:

Harshal Patel is a prominent player in the IPL matches. He has been playing the IPL matches since 2011. Harshal Patel has a huge fan following from the IPL matches. He plays all the matches with full dedication and interest. Harshal Patel’s IPL Salary is Rs. 8 lakh. This adds to his net worth.

Harshal Patel Social Media Followers:

Harshal Patel has a huge fan following on social media accounts. He has a huge fan following on various social media platforms. Harshal Patel’s followers love and admire him much. There are various accounts of Harshal Patel including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. There is a huge number of fans available on the different Harshal Patel social media pages.

Following you will get to know about the number of Harshal Patel followers.

Instagram Followers:

Harshal Patel has a great fan following on Instagram. He has 309 K followers on Instagram. Harshal is also a brand ambassador of various brands. He is an amazing cricketer and an all-rounder from the Indian cricket team. Patel is highly admired by numerous cricket fans. All these fans keep on increasing. This fan following is from all over the world. He has posted a total of 176 posts on his Instagram account. All these posts are valuable and provide some information regarding the cricket going on nowadays.

Twitter Followers:

Harshal Patel also has a Twitter account. He is highly stalked by the people of India on Twitter. He has a total of 19.7 K followers on Twitter. This is a very great and huge amount. He is an amazing cricketer, mainly the best all-rounder on the team. Harshal Patel has also earned through social media pages. This also adds to their net worth of Harshal. You can follow him on Twitter if you haven’t done it yet. There are a total of 281 tweets on their page made by him. All the tweets are informative and give a deep insight into the cricket world.

Harshal Patel Career Stats:

Harshal Patel is a right-handed batsman on the Indian cricket team. He has been playing test matches, ODI matches and T20 International matches for a very long time. Following are the complete Harshal Patel career details. He is a competing all-rounder and has made many records. He has also achieved many awards for being the best batsman in the world. Here we will be discussing the complete test matches details, T20 matches details and the ODI format matches details. You will also be provided with the stats of IPL matches of Harshal Patel.

T20 International Matches Details:

Harshal Patel has been playing the T20I matches since 2021. He has played a total of 8 test matches in his career span. A total of 19 runs are made by him in the test format matches. His average is 19.0 and the strike rate is 158.3. Harshal Patel has been known for his best batting performances in T20I matches. He has made his name very high as one of the best Indian cricketers. He has a batting average of 19.0 and his bowling average is 22.4.

IPL Matches Details:

Harshal Patel has been playing the IPL matches since 2012. A total of 82 IPL matches have been played by him. 206 runs have been made by Harshal Patel in his IPL career. His batting average is 12.1 and the strike rate is 138.2. His bowling average is 22.8. He has been playing well and making the team proud. He has played matches of various formats.

T20 Matches Details:

Harshal Patel is one of the best right-handed batsmen on the Indian cricket team. He has been playing the T20 International matches. He has been playing these matches since 2011 till now. A total of 127 matches have been played by name in the T20 Career. He has made 969 runs. His batting average is 17.6 and his bowling average is 22.8. Harshal Patel has a strike rate of 150.9. His bowling economy is 7.93. He has been making the team proud in all the format matches.

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