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Dream11 vs My11Circle Which is Better?

Here is the detail of Dream11 vs My11Circle Which is Better? Dream11 and My11circle are the most famous and popular fantasy platforms in India. They are the best fantasy platforms in the whole world. Following are the complete details of Dream11 vs My11circle features.

Dream11 vs My11Circle Which is Better

Dream11 vs My11Circle Which is Better?


It is a very fascinating and outstanding sports app which is Mumbai based fantasy sports app. Dream11 is a very famous and popular online gaming application. It is one of the best online betting applications on sports in India. The features of Dream 11 are also very fascinating and fantastic. It is very easy to use. The betting lovers of sports bets their money on this application a lot. The best thing about this application is that it has never fraud against anyone.

Dream11 is made very fantastically and now it is one of the most famous betting sports applications and very famous and popular betters of the whole world bets there in money on the real sports player in this app. It was created in the year 2008. This sports fantasy app was created at a time when the people of India don’t know about fantasy sports. It was very uncommon in India but when Dream 11 launched, it change the way of life of everyone and now most people in India bat their money on this app because of its full trust and amazing features.

This Dream 11 fantasy sports app was first launched like American fantasy football leagues. It was similar to that but to beat the competition, this app which was only available for betting on cricket players switched to a daily fantasy league in the year 2012 and Mahindra Singh Dhoni became its brand ambassador.


My11Circle is a very famous and popular fantasy sports app and its headquarters of it is located in Mumbai in Maharashtra. It is a very amazing and brilliant fantasy sports app that was founded in January in the year 2019. It was founded by two people who graduated from New York University and these two are three Trivikraman Thampy and Bhavin Pandya. My11Circle is also one of the most popular fantasy sports apps in India. It is very similar to the Dream 11 fantasy sports app. Saurav Ganguly is the brand ambassador of this My11Circle app.

User Interface

The user interface of both Dream 11 and My11Circle apps are great. Both have a very good user interface with very amazing features also. But the dream11 app is on the top because of its amazing features in its user interface. Dream11 also enables people to bat in other sports apart from cricket while the My11Circle user interface doesn’t have this option. The user interface of dream11 also has a timeline of life’s exciting events anchored tests. It is located at the bottom of the user interface page.

While the My11circle app also has this option on the top of the page this option on the My11Circle app user interface is enabled in the whole world and keeps the users updated on the events and contests in the whole world while dream11 just shows events and contests of India.

App Features

Talking about the features of the Dream11 application, it comprise 6 sports. These fantasy sports include football, cricket, basketball, baseball, hockey, and handball. There is also a separate winner section to see the winners of all the contests. Also, in the dream11 app, there is a chat option available for the users. This chat option helps in creating a group for the users to chat with others during the game. It makes the fantasy game more interesting.  A feed feature is also there in this application. This feature is an area where the users can follow other players in this application. In this way, it is easy to connect with other fantasy communities.

While talking about the features of the My11circle app, there are only two sports in it. These include football and cricket. Also, in this application, there is no chat or feed option which is available in the dream11 application. But in this app, the users can earn by referring other friends. Rs. 51 is the initial bonus given to the user. And also other earnings are more than the Dream11 application. It provides a telegram group also for sharing coupons and discount codes.

Point System:

In the Dream11 app, 2 points are given to the captain while 1.5 points are given to the vice-captain. It gives 1 point for each run. Also in this app, 25 points are given to every bowler.

While in the My11circle app, the same points are given to the captain and vice-captain as in dream11. This app gives 0.5 points for every run which is less than dream11. It gives only 10 points to each bowler but in dream11 the points are quite high for the bowlers.

Team Members

In the dream11 application, there can be 4 persons selected as wicketkeepers. The batsmen can be up to 3-6. While there can be 1 to 4 all-rounders. The bowlers be ab to a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6.

While if we consider My11circle, then this app allows us to select up to 4 wicketkeepers. Here you can select up to 6 batsmen. The all-rounders can also be selected up to 6 by one team. The bowlers in My11circle can be 3-6.


Hence with all the above-mentioned features of Dream11 and My11circle app, My11circle is more suitable. Both have the same function but My11circle s new and comprises some more features as compared to dream11. My11circle is struggling to provide more features than dream11 to the users.

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