Cricket betting markets: Which bets have the best odds?

There is no factual evidence of how the sport of cricket was invented. Many say that the sport was created by the Saxons (today’s Brits), and others state that the game was developed by Norman children roaming the streets. However, in 1611, the first mention of cricket came to light in the dictionary, which defined the sport as a game for boys.  

Fast forward to our times, when cricket is regarded as one of the biggest sports of all time, where 2 teams meet at the cricket pitch to square off during a 3-hour match. With the IPL (Indian Premier League) being one of the biggest cricket tournaments worldwide, how about learning all about the various cricket markets available in readiness for the 2023 IPL season?

Read all about the cricket markets available, their odds, and how to bet on cricket, and after that, head over to the top Indian local betting sites to master your wagers on cricket!

The Rules of Cricket 

Before kicking off your cricket betting season, let’s learn some details. A cricket match is played for hours, with 2 teams of 11 players per side. When one team is taking a spin to bat the ball and hopefully score, the opposing team will try and bow and field the cricket ball in the hopes of prohibiting a point from being scored. The game will continue like this, and the winner of the match will be declared by the number of points scored at the end of the match. 

What are the best cricket betting markets to bet on?

Visiting cricket betting review sites will help you find the best site for your cricket bets and will save you some time. Check out the sites by the license they offer, along with the bonuses the site is willing to offer. Another element to consider for your cricket bets is the available cricket markets and tournaments that you can wager on. Some of the most rewarding cricket betting markets are listed below. 

Match Winner – The match winner is a simple bet that offers you a 50 / 50 chance to win. When the bookmaker compiles odds for the Match Winner, you will always find the favorite to win and the underdog. Betting on the favorite will see you make a little out of your bet; however, if you bet on the underdog and the said team secures a win, you will make quite a sizeable amount. 

Top Batsman – The Top Batsman bet will see you place a bet on the cricket player that is most likely to score the most runs during the cricket match you are betting on. To master this bet, you would need to do your homework and read about the cricket batsman with the best stats.

If you happen to bet on a player and that player ties in 1st place with another batsman, the sportsbook will apply the dead heat rule. When this happens, your initial wager on the batsman will be cut by the total amount of players that tied. You still win your bet but take home fewer winnings. 

Toss Winner – The toss winner is another bet with a 50 / 50 chance of winning. Before the match commences, the two captains will come together and toss a coin to decide whose team will bet first and which team will take to the field. Here you bet on who will bat first, thus winning the toss of potentially scoring points. No research is needed for this type of betting, as you can only win if you are lucky enough. This bet could go in either direction with no skills required. 

Series / Tournament Winner – Just like football, basketball, netball and other sports, cricket will see a set number of teams square off in a series of games happening over time. This could be a season, a summer tournament, a world cup or even a local cricket league like the IPL (Indian Premier League). By betting on the series tournament winner, you will be betting on the team who will score the most points and make it to the 1st position at the end of the tournament/league. An example of a Series league is: Who will win the IPL season of 2024? 

Total Match Boundaries – During a cricket game, the boundary is the total area available on the cricket field. A matching boundary means scoring a shot where the cricket ball hits or goes beyond the available field area. A boundary is only secured by established players and will also earn the batsman’s team a solid 4-6 rounds on the field. Betting on the total match boundaries will see you bet on the total number of boundaries both teams secure during the cricket match. 

First Boundary The first boundary bet ties in with the Total boundaries bet we mentioned above. However, this time around, your bet will see you back to the team that will land the first boundary during the match. 

Draw No Bet – When you place a bet on a cricket match, you essentially decide if the game will end up being a win for one team, a draw for both or a loss for another team.  This makes a total of 3 betting markets for you to bet on. Suppose you decide to utilize the Draw No Bet option at a sportsbook. In that case, you will eliminate the possibility of a draw between the two teams, leaving you with only 2 betting markets. The odds for this type of bet will be slightly better than the Match Winner bet; therefore, this betting market is super favorable with bettors everywhere. 

Betting on the best cricket tournaments in the world happening right now

Now that you know all about the most prominent and rewarding betting markets, the next thing to think about is the cricket tournaments to binge. We did mention the IPL, but there are some other tournaments that you ought to check out. The ICC Cricket World Cup, the ICC Championship Trophy, the Ashes Series, T20 World Cup and the Natwest Series are some of the best cricket series to bet on. 

Find the best cricket betting site and bet on the best cricket teams you support. Just remember to always bet with discipline. 

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