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Canelo Alvarez Net Worth, Bio, Age, Boxer, Career, Real Name

Here is the detail of Canelo Alvarez Net Worth, Bio, Age, Boxer, Career, Real Name, and much more. Canelo Alvarez is one of the top and high-earning athletes. He is a great boxer with exceptional boxing skills. He was born on 18th July 1990. His birthplace is Guadalajara. As of 2023, Canelo Alvarez is 32 years old. He earns mainly from his boxing career. He receives $180 million as his net worth. It is expected that in the future he will become a billionaire. Canelo Alvarez is a tall and smart guy with many talents.

He has Mexican nationality. His boxing profession started when he was very young. He has also made a good name by playing in World Boxing Championship. He has been considered one of the best boxers in the world championship. His real name is Saul Alvarez. But his professional name is Canelo Alvarez. This Mexican boxer also earns through social profiles.

Canelo Alvarez Net Worth, Bio, Age, Boxer, Career, Real Name

Canelo Alvarez Net Worth:

Canelo Alvarez earns mainly from his boxing career. His net worth is approximately around $180 million. He also has sources of income other than boxing. These include different business endorsements and business ventures. He has also invested in many businesses due to which he gets a good sum of money.

Canelo Alvarez’s net worth is expected to increase quickly in the coming years. This bbecausee,se in the past years, there was a quick increase experienced in his net worth. He has won many fights in the boxing ring. These victories help him in getting more money.

Net Worth Growth Details:

Canelo Alvarez has experienced a great increase in his net worth in the past years. Considering his net worth from 2018, it has almost doubled. This is all due to his high efficiency, performance, and tremendous work in the boxing field. Following are the details of his net worth in the previous years.

  • In the year 2018, his net worth was about 128 million dollars. It was also a good amount that was earned by any boxer at that time.
  • Then in the next year 2019, his net worth increased to dollar 145 million. This was the peak time of his success and promotion.
  • In the year 2020, his net worth was dollar 155 million. It was increased by dollar 10 million as of the previous year.
  • Then In 2021, his net worth became dollar 170 million. There was a great increase in his net worth in this year. This was because he got many achievements in the boxing profession this year.
  • Then in 2022, his net worth was increased to $185 million. He has also spent this money on different charitable events.
  • Now in 2023, his net worth has become dollar 200 million. It is one of the highest net worth that is received by any boxer in the world right now.

Canelo Alvarez Career Details:

Canelo Alvarez has spent a huge time of his life in his boxing career. Many awards are achieved by him. These achievements help him in getting a better position in the boxing world. Following are his achievements and career highlights in boxing.

He won the match against Luciano Leonel Cuello. This encounter was held in World Boxing Championship. The contest was named Silver light middleweight. It took place in Vicente Fernandez Arena. It was a very fight filled with excitement and suspense for the audience. He won and got many rewards for his win in this WBC.

He has also won another fight for World Boxing Championship. This time he was fighting with Alfonso Gomez. The fight was held in Staples Center, Los Angeles. This encounter was made on 17th September 2011. He defeated the opponent very successfully. He got the victory in the sixth round of the fight. The fight was very interesting for all the viewers. There were supporters present of both the boxers.

Instagram Followers:

Canelo Alvarez has got a huge following on his social media accounts. He has made his social media profiles on every app including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. He has given a lot to the boxing world. Many awards are also received by him. Considering his followers on Instagram, he has a total of 15.1 million followers. 1637 posts are present on his Instagram profile. The posts usually depict his boxing career as well as different business ventures. He has 194 followers on this account. Canelo Alvarez has written his real name of him on his Instagram profile which is Saul Alvarez.

He has also written about his business in his Instagram bio that he is the co- founder of VMC drinks and Yaoka brands. His followers always increase because of his tremendous work and outstanding winning performances in boxing fights. Canelo Alvarez has also represented himself many times in the World Boxing Championship. In the World Boxing championship, he has won the matches many times. This is the reason people love him and follow him for his profession.


Canelo Alvarez is more popular in the boxing field because of his performances. He had a great passion for boxing since his childhood. His net worth is about dollar 200 million. This is a good amount of money that is earned by him. He also gets a salary from the World Boxing championship.

He has struggled much in the early years. But now he is one of the richest athletes in the world. He also has a large fan following. Canelo Alvarez is increasing his popularity through his performances around the world.

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