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3 Best Clashes Between Australia vs New Zealand Cricket Teams

In this article, we will talk about the 3 Best Clashes Between Australia vs New Zealand Cricket Teams. Both teams are very good and they have the best team squad and each player of both teams work very hard and put their full effort to make their team win. Australia and New Zealand both teams are top-level teams and all cricket fans love these teams and they have huge cricket fans. All cricket fans become excited when they saw these teams playing matches. The stadium is filled with crowns when there is a match between Australia and New Zealand.

3 Best Clashes Between Australia vs New Zealand Cricket Teams

3 Best Clashes Between Australia vs New Zealand Cricket Teams:

If we talk about clashes then the first clash between Australia and New Zealand was the one when New Zealand defeated Australia by five wickets because for so many years Australia feels that New Zealand is a very low-level team and they don’t take them seriously and powerful opponent team.

But this thought of Australia is changed in 1974 when the best batsman of New Zealand Glenn Turner make hundred in each inning and show them that no one can play better then him. New Zealand makes test victory while playing with Australia with 5 wickets which shows them that New Zealand is a very big team and has players that are the best and who can put their full effort to defeat their opponents.

1. Australia Beated By New Zealand With 5 Wickets:

The second clash between Australia and New Zealand was when Australia beat New Zealand by six runs. If we talk about third class then it occurred between Australia and New Zealand when New Zealand beat Australia by only 1 wicket and that’s a very sad moment for Australia because all the players of both teams played well in this match.  The best clash was in 2015 which was considered as best World cup pool clash in the event’s history.

2. Zealand Lost To Australia With 6 Runs:

Australia defeats New Zealand by 6 runs. Captain of Australia whose name was Greg Chappelle give tips to the player who was also his younger brother Trevor so that he can defeat New Zealand with his outstanding bowling by the tips given by him. They tried Their best to defeat their opponent’s team but on the other side the New Zealand player who was on strike Brian McKechnie threw his bat away because he was angry at that moment and Australia won that match

So this is the biggest clash of history between these two teams. Both teams have starling players who always won their team Victory and they all played very well.

3. Australia Lost To New Zealand With 1 Wicket:

New Zealand won the match and defeat Australia by 1 wicket. New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum launched the black caps. Australian left-arm fast bowler whose name is Mitchell Starch was on a hat-trick and he played with full dignity and his bowling was amazing in that match against New Zealand. New Zealand player who was not out at 45 at the end of the match was Kane Williamson won the match and he does very good bowling and the player of Australia Pat Cummins become out because of Williamson amazing bowling.

The final was held in Melbourne when these two teams Australia and New Zealand again meet with each other when New Zealand was out for just 183 runs with Australia reaching their target in the 34th over by the loss of 3 wickets. All the matches played between these 2 teams were the best and both played very well in the matches.

ICC Test Ranking:

If we talk about ICC test ranking then Australia because of its amazing players and team squad is on top in the list of ICC test ranking. Australia played 19 matches and became the top team if ICC test matches. They played with their full effort in test matches and every player’s hard work and this is the result that they come on the top. New Zealand is the fourth team in ICC test matches ranking and it played 27 matches. They all have the best players and all players either bowlers or batsmen give full attention to winning and defeating their opponents.

ICC ODI Ranking:

In ODI ranking  Australia was the fifth team who played 23 ODI matches with different teams and their main aim is victory, defeat their competition and they try to become closer to the top team.  New Zealand is the top team in ODI matches and this is the result of the hard work of this team player. New Zealand played 12 matches only and became the first team in the ODI ranking. It is a big honour for both teams and both teams are so powerful.

ICC T20 Ranking:

In T20  both teams differ by 1. Number because Australia is on 5th and New Zealand is on 6 in the list of a ranking if T20 matches. Australia played 36 matches and New Zealand played 28 matches and became the sixth team in the T20 ranking. When there is a match between two teams then it must be an exciting match because both teams are amazing and the best and they have amazing players of cricket history whose main goal is to win the match.

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